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Before there was Durning, Bykowski & Young Funeral Home, Inc., there was Runnell's Funeral Home. This business was established in 1864 in Manchester, and was sold to Joseph Devine to become Devine Funeral Home.

In 1962, J. Robert Durning purchased business to found Devine and Durning Funeral Home. Later, this business became J. Robert Durning Funeral Home. Charles Young associated with Durning Funeral Home for 30 years prior to Mr. Durning's death in 2006, at which time he purchased the business and combined it with Bykowski & Young Funeral Home to create the present
Durning, Bykowski & Young Funeral Home.
Funeral home in Manchester, NH

Merging with an Established Funeral Home

John J. Bykowski Funeral Home was established in 1928 by John J. Bykowski. Its present location was built in 1953. Upon John's death in 1969, his wife, Genevieve, and daughter Matilda operated the business until their deaths in 2000 and 2001, respectively. Charles Young associated with the Bykowski Funeral Home for 20 years prior to his purchasing the business in 2001, when Bykowski & Young Funeral Home was formed.
Due to health reasons, Charles Young transferred the business to Kevin Marchand. This was effective July 2010.

Charles K. Young, Funeral Director

A Manchester native and graduate of Manchester High School West, the New England Institute of Anatomy in 1966, and Embalming, Sanitary Science and Funeral Directing, Boston, in 1967, Charles K. Young dedicated his career to helping others. This lead him to be in the funeral service since 1963.
Charles is the son of Bernard and Theresa (Damour) Young. He was married in 1973 to Dorothy Rand of Berlin, New Hampshire, who bore him a daughter, Teri. Charles is a member of New Hampshire Funeral Directors Association.

Kevin M. Marchand, Owner and Funeral Director

A Pepperell, Massachusetts, native now residing in Manchester, New Hampshire, Kevin M. Marchand is a second-generation funeral director. He graduated from North Middlesex Regional High School in 1993 and the New England Institute at Mt. Ida College, Newton, Massachusetts, in 1999.
Kevin is the son of Normand and Suzanne (Juneau) Marchand, of Pepperell, Massachusetts, formerly of Manchester, and he married to Nora Brassler of Summit, New Jersey, in 1996, who bore him a daughter, Emerson. He is also a member of New Hampshire Funeral Directors Association.
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